Introducing the sport of fencing to local youths

Our Groupon and LivingSocial promotion has been successful in attracting local youths to our sport. On a monthly basis, we introduce 2-5 new fencers to the sport. Conversion rates are 25% on average. During this introduction period, we strive to train them with fundamentals, get them interested in the sport, and promote them to the next level. The ultimate goal is to find the rare combination of fencers who love the sport and have the ability and resources to go the distance.

Train, assist and encourage fencers from youth through adulthood

We will continue to train fencers under the AHFC pedagogical system. We have created a communication system to share with all parents our hard earned experience, including how to help a young fencer develop, equipment purchase, tournament schedule, camps and clinics.

Provide paths towards national, collegiate and international competition

Our primary goal for each and every fencer is to get them into national competitions and have them do well. We constantly encourage older fencers to consider universities with fencing programs. For fencers with the means and ability, we will advise them regarding international competition. *** Our ultimate goal is to develop a fencer or fencers who can compete for a spot on a national team.


We will hold monthly camps with our head coach Maestro Fekete. Each camp, we will try to invite international coaches and fencers to join and train with our fencers. For instance, we were able to include former Hungarian MF champion András Zoltán Németh to join our November camp.


Once AHFC becomes more established, we will start hosting tournaments next season. The primary goal of hosting tournaments has not been to earn income, but rather to introduce area fencers to our club. We have invested in nice medals, photo backdrops, computers, a large display for fencing time and a video replay system and hiring rated referees to make certain the tournaments are professionally officiated.